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Smsguruji is the most reliable and cheap bulk SMS service provider in India. Here on our SMS web portal its very simple and easy for your need to send bulk SMS.

Share Your Voice with Every One

 Keep in touch with your loved ones more frequently.

Targete many people in relatively short period of time.

Easy-to-use product for business lead generation

Short Code Services
To Increase Productivity


Effective in conjunction with special offers and promotions

Measure your marketing campaigns accurately and immediately

Quickly generate hot sales leads




SMS Gateway offers to enable any Website, Application or Information System with high speed, technologically advanced & secured 2-Way SMS Services. SMS Gateway Integration can be implemented via a wide range of simple, secured & flexible APIs offering a wide array of connection options viz. HTTP, SMPP, FTP, etc. We provide a comprehensive SMS Gateway API Integration document which guides you smoothly through the complete integration process and also provide additional code scripts for use with all kinds of programming interfaces.

Our SMS Gateway API can be integrated for both 1-way Automated SMS Alerts in websites, ERP, CRM, etc applications and 2-Way SMS for Information-on-Demand.

√ High speed, technologically advanced & secured 2-Way SMS Services.

√Easy 2-Way SMS Integration with Website, ERP, CRM or any application.

√We provide HTTP/S, SMPP, XML, PHP and ASP.NET APIs.

√Application can send Text, Flash, Picture, Binary or Unicode Messages.

√Prioritization of messages can be done at SMS Gateway.

√Instant SMS delivery guaranteed to all mobile recipients in India.

√Dedicated SMS bandwidth on demand.

√99% service uptime. Load balancer for high loads. Redundant servers for Business continuity.

 √ Enterprises can plug-in SMS Gateway APIs in their website, ERP, CRM or any other application to send automated SMS Alerts.

 √ Static as well as dynamic responses can be pushed to the end user based on the type of application.

 √ SMS Guruji Gateway APIs offer wide range of connection options viz. HTTP/S, SMPP, PHP, ASP.NET, XML, etc.








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